Three video tips from Facebook

Facebook’s been on a roll lately with advertising tips, and they continued the streak this week with a few best practices for videos.

Whether you’re looking to create high-converting ads or long-form content for your Facebook page, these tips should set you on the right path:

  • Add a 3-5 second trailer. You’re probably familiar with the concept of a ‘hook’ in writing, where you get the reader invested in your content before you dive in. Facebook recommends doing the same with videos, saying that a 3-5 second trailer at the beginning of the video could encourage people to keep watching.
  • Frame it. Facebook advises framing your videos in a 4:5 aspect ratio to be shown properly in both mobile and desktop settings.
  • Keep the community engaged. One of the easiest ways to show your customers you care – and this applies to any social platform – is to respond to your customers in the comment section. Beware, you could be in for a wild ride.

The Crew’s take: Facebook’s tips are designed for videos in general on the platform, but the tips translate well into advertising. Keeping the community engaged with well-formatted, entertaining videos is normally a surefire way to get some traction with your ads.

Facebook’s full post goes into much more detail than we could fit here. Go check it out!