The latest list of Instagram ad sizes & specs

instagram ad sizes

Creating an ideal Instagram ad is a huge challenge for all of us. Getting one convenient book of internet ad sizes makes it much easier to estimate all internet ad sizes.

Somebody needs to keep track of all of the Instagram ad imagery updates. That’s when we move in. We’ll create an Instagram ad that contains everything we do for you.

Instagram Facebook ads.

Instagram provides unique opportunities to advertisers because it is a direct way to meet people on a personal level. Instagram is the only scrolling “one at a time” social media site so advertisements get users’ full attention.
Easier said than done, isn’t it? Let us support you by determining the correct sizes for your Instagram ad posts.
Instagram provides landscape picture advertising.
Instagram landscape photos are usually about one-third of the frame and take up a smaller portion of the square. Landscape photos stand out compared to the standard Instagram format, and can be uniquely used to display a broader view of scenic locations – it is ideal for advertisements that aim to maximize the effect of the text-less focus.

The landscape picture advertisement design specification.

  • The picture ad size should be 1200 x 628 pixels.
  • Resolution: 600 x 315 pixels.
  • The proposed aspect ratio is 1.9:1.
  • Both image files must be either JPG or PNG.
  • Both photos should be under 30MB
  • The caption should be a maximum of 2,200 characters, but at the most 125 characters would be required.

Credit: Instagram

The layout of an Instagram square picture is not so fascinating. Therefore, the square does not utilize all the room for the uploaded photo.
You don’t have to restrict your scenic images to landscape, but make sure the square format doesn’t degrade the quality of your snapshots.

  • The suggested image ad size is 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels.
  • The minimum picture ad size must be a minimum of 600 x 600 pixels.
  • The aspect ratio must be 1:1.

Cross-device advertising.

The horizontal portrait photo picture is the most common photo size in Flickr. And this is why your selfie happens to be preset to. In addition, the variation in the specification is small.

Dimension and instructions to image ad.

  • Recommended image for ad placement: 1080 x 1350 pixel
  • Minimum vertical size: 600 pixels.
  • Resolution: 640 x 480.

I also want to suggest to the client to use crop image choice for ad placement in advertising. This helps ensure that your ad is produced as you expected.
I was able to boost my Instagram results with Sprout.
It is important to follow up on the results of your ad, once you’ve published it.

Video ads on Instagram.

There is a quarter of all Instagram advertising is a single video. Social video isn’t just famous on Instagram anymore either. To make sure that you are on top of your video plan, you have to take into account the media specs.

Social networking may be a little complicated, but we’re here to help direct you with your presence on social media. Below are variations of video duration.
InstaLandscape Advertising.

Likewise, with the landscape images, Instagram photography is for the same scenic intent. This is a nice movie-like format for video, usually viewed on a smartphone.

Landscape video advertising requirements.

  • Resolution: 600 x 315 pixels.
  • Dimension ratio: 1:91.
  • Of course, video formats can include MP4 or MOV.
  • The total video size is 4GB.
  • MAX video length is 120 seconds.
  • The video is shot at 30 frames per second for all medium formats.

Instagram square advertising.

All stays the same when you choose the Instagram square video format. Please be careful in cropping your ad and the call to action that appears on a mobile screen.

Square video advertising specs.

  • The minimum resolution for Instagram square video advertisements is 600 x 600 pixels.
  • The aspect ratio must be 1:1.

Instagram ads with vertical footage.

You are possibly already making a correlation between organic and conventional means of advertisement. It would be helpful to take into account the adjustment in the resolution and aspect ratio.

Video ad specs.

  • Instagram ad size settings for vertical video are 600 x 750 pixels.
  • The highest aspect ratio is that of 4:5.

The scale of Instagram Stories ads.

I bet you weren’t expecting us to chat about Instagram Posts. We’ll never. More than half of all brands have a Facebook presence. This created an increase in the use of Instagram because of Story.

It is worth using Instagram Stories in social media advertising tactics. Be certain to have the proper Instagram Story ad size settings below:
Instagram picture advertising.

Many unique features that make single image advertising perfect for marketing with Instagram Stories. With marker designs and stickers, you can decide how and where to click and swipe to understand more detail.

Instagram’s cap on the advertisement image lengths and widths.

  • Resolution: 1024 x 768.
  • The advertising must be minimum of 600 x 1067 pixels.
  • The aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • Both pieces of work must be either JPEG or PNG.
  • The maximum size is 15MB.

Another solution is for advertisers to restrict overlay text on pictures as Facebook’s Ad Manager could reject your photo. Regardless of the subject, consider all photos for plagiarism.

Instagram video ads.

According to statistics by Social Media Week, 70% of Instagram videos viewed with music. It’s important to create videos that have the correct message and will have a direct impact on your target audience.

However, Facebook recently released Instagram Stories specs.

  • Resolution: 1024 x 768.
  • The aspect ratio is 9:16.
  • Both formats should be MOV and MP4.
  • The Video file size is 4GB.
  • You have to have a resolution of at least 720p.

Carousel ad sizes.

It sounds familiar because Facebook has carousel advertising, too.
This is an ad format that allows advertisers to display their ads with different photos or video clips. The best Instagram growth will be achieved with this promotion. Take a look at the full specifications information of this product.
Using Instagram carousel picture advertising.
If you’re like most people on Instagram, you flip through content at a furious pace. There must be many visual content.

Measurements for the adverts are brief and catchy.

  • Resolution 1080 x 1080
  • Ratio Aspect 1:1
  • Both pieces of work must be either JPEG or PNG.
  • It is recommended to use a max image size of 30MB.

Instagram makes 2-10 cards or photos for any ad.

Instagram video carousel advertising.

Also, you can have up to 10 videos per ad! Create a unique mix of content on your blog so you don’t overwhelm your audience.

Video ad specs for carousel.

  • 600 x 600 pixels or better.
  • Resolution: 1080 x 1080 pixels.
  • Resolution is 1:1.
  • The video format should be MP4.
  • The Max size of one video is 4GB per video card.
  • Max video length is limited to 60 seconds.

Instagram promotes 10-20 pictures/items per commercial.
On Instagram, when you are creating carousel video ads need a high-quality image. A high screen ratio of 1:1 is recommended for this video. Having a low text-to-image ratio can give a pleasing visual to the user.